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SkyeFitness Squad Highlight: Tom Armstrong

After living and working in central New Jersey for over 35 years, my wife Barbara, son Tim and I packed up and moved to the Little City section of Bangor in the summer of 2021. Barbara and I moved to be close to our daughter, son-in-law and two grandkids who 6 years ago settled in Little City. I have degrees in Chemistry, Environmental Health and Environmental Engineering, all from Drexel University, Philadelphia PA, and where I met Barbara. I worked as a certified industrial hygienist (recognition and control of health hazards such as chemicals, noise, radiation, microbiological agents). I retired from ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences in 2008, after a career in occupational and environmental health research. I remain professionally semi-active with some consulting and pro bono work.

1) Why did you choose personal training as opposed to the millions of free programs online?

The year 2022 was tough for me, health-wise from a major illness, hospitalization, and surgery. My fitness slipped too much. I worked at it on my own starting in late 2022, but I was in a rut with limited exercises and an intermittent routine. I needed personal guidance on what new and different exercises I should be doing to improve my whole-body strength, flexibility, balance and aerobic capacity. On-line programs cannot give the personally designed and targeted approach that Skye challenges me with!

2) What has been our greatest achievement since you've been working out?

After many years off, I re-engaged in downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing this winter. My much-improved fitness has allowed me to enjoy these Maine winter sports.

3) What advice would you give someone who is ready to start working out?

Do not start by spending tons of money on sophisticated home exercise equipment. You will get more return out of personal training with the right exercises and simple equipment like Skye has me use in my training sessions. Build up the time and days you spend and soon you will be rewarded with fitness, more energy, and better health. Skye's enthusiastic coaching will make it easier to push your limits just the right degree.

4) What is a fun fact about you we may not know?

I enjoy getting outdoors hiking and doing wildflower and bird photography.

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