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SkyeFitness Squad Highlight: Lindsay Day

My name is Lindsay Day. I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I own and operate my own private practice providing mental health therapy services. I've lived in Maine my entire life. I'm originally from the Downeast Maine area where I grew up in Machias. I'm an alumni of the University of Maine, Orono, where I received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Social Work. I reside in my own home in Levant with my two small dogs, Sammy and Sophie, the loves of my life! I began my fitness journey over a year ago which was one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself.

1) Why did you choose in-studio personal training as opposed to the millions of free programs online?

I chose in-studio personal training versus an online program because I felt this method would be much more meaningful for me in terms of working on my fitness goals. The one-on-one instruction in-person gives me the accountability and self-discipline that I need. I feel it also pushes me toward my greatest potential. Plus, I desired that connection because I work from home providing telehealth services.

2) What has been your greatest achievement since you've been working out?

My greatest achievement since I've been working out has been breaking through some of the mental barriers I have, namely fear, lack of confidence, and self-doubt. For me, exercise is more than just physical toning, it also tones the mind and spirit. It's a journey for me and one that I feel so blessed to be on. I've also met some pretty incredible people on this exercise journey.

3) What advice would you give someone who is ready to start working out?

The advice I would give someone who is ready to start working out is to show up for yourself! Give yourself this gift. The benefits are endless.

4) What is a fun fact about you we may not know?

I'm absolutely head over heels in love with my two dogs, Sammy and Sophie! I also love burpees, specifically the donkey kicks!

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