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SkyeFitness Squad Highlight: Layna Rollins

1) Why did you choose in studio personal training as opposed to the millions of free programs online?

I work best with appointments. I will never cancel an appointment. If I don’t have somebody counting on me to hold me accountable, I won’t do it. When I am home there are plenty of other things I feel like I should be doing. Cleaning, playing with my son, laundry, you name it, those things would always come before working out.

2) What has been your greatest achievement since you've been working out?

Since I have started training with Skye I feel so much stronger! I feel as though I don’t get out of breath as easy and I feel less tired… even though I am beat after a workout!

3) What advice would you give someone who is ready to start working out?

Everybody is too busy. Just make the appointment and show up. Eventually you will start to look forward to that time and crave more.

4) What is a fun fact about you we may not know?

Legally my name is spelt Laina. However, my mom taught me to spell it Layna because people could pronounce it easier so that is how I have spelt it my whole life.

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