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SkyeFitness Squad Highlight: Darcy!

I’m from Virginia originally, but have traveled a lot and lived in many different places before ending up here in Bangor about 4 years ago. I came here for a stint with Americorps and have since begun working with various nonprofits throughout the region that focus on issues surrounding poverty and food, economic and racial justice. I actually learned about Skye and Skye Fitness through one of these organizations, Food AND Medicine. Skye generously donated a fitness package to their auction and I won it!

1) Why did you choose personal training as opposed to the millions of free programs online?

I’ve done a lot of different free online programs, in fact, I still do some in combination with my trainings with Skye. This is actually the first time I’ve worked 1-1 with a trainer and my motivation for doing it was a desire to really take my fitness program to the next level. Skye totally gets that and keeps coming up with workouts that are unique and interesting, and that really push my limits. I have a pretty decent amount of experience, so it’s really cool when I try a new move and my body is like, “whoah…” Skye is great at making that happen.

2) What has been your greatest achievement since you've been working out?

Since I’ve started training with Skye, my greatest achievement is honestly finishing each workout feeling like I gave it my all. It’s a great feeling. Also my arms are getting super toned which is exciting going into tank top season!

3) What advice would you give someone who is ready to start working out?

A thing I heard recently is, “motivation follows action.” We tend to think it’s the other way around but it’s not. So on days where you really do not feel like working out, just remember that and make a start. Set out to do a little bit of the workout, and more often than not, once you get moving you will find yourself getting into it. Learning that has helped me immensely.

4) What is a fun fact about you we may not know?

I LOVE to dance. 90’s/early 2000’s hip hop is my favorite dancing music, but really if it has a good beat I am down to dance.

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story, Darcy!

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